New Music: The Tomicks – You’re My Man (Official Audio)

Taking inspiration from piano-led pop of the ’60s and ’70s, The Tomicks show an engaging sound on new track “Break Up Anthem”, featuring passionate vocals and a lively piano accompaniment accompanying spurts of guitar and some brass.
It’s one of ten tracks off their recently released eponymous album, featuring The Tomicks’ signature sound: lots of piano, deeply personal lyrics, big drums, and harmonies.
The Tomicks are a new rock n’ roll band from London. Hugely inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, Tom Cridland, Nick Whitehead, and Debs Marx came together with the aim of trying to recapture the magic of pop music from those decades.
The Tomicks, almost above all else, are fanatic record collectors and love their listening to inform their writing of original material. They firmly believe this first record is one of the finest rock n’ roll albums to be released in years and are about to head back into the studio at Abbey Road to start work on a follow up.
You can read more in-depth about their story here –
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