New Music: Sarah McQuaid – Slow Decay [Video by Brett Harvey] (Official Music Video)

With the help of funding from Arts Council England and Cultivator Cornwall, singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Brett Harvey (Weekend Retreat, Brown Willy) for this music video/short film based on the poignant true story of Bill Conner, a father who lost his daughter and cycled 1,400 miles to hear her heart beating again in the body of its recipient. Harvey and McQuaid are both based in Cornwall, as are the actors who appear in the film. Brett: “I was struck by the simple humanity of the act, and the notion that we live on through others after we pass away. I had wanted to tell a version of this story for a while, and as soon as I heard Sarah’s beautiful song I knew it was the right fit.” Sarah: “I’m so, so glad that Brett came up with this beautiful concept for ‘Slow Decay’. It’s something I feel very strongly about, and I hope it’ll inspire anyone who’s not already registered as an organ donor to sign up.”

Sarah will be touring in the UK and Ireland in April and May, in the USA in September and October, and hopes to extend her touring range into Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 2019. Keep an eye on for announcements of tour dates.

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