Featured New Music: Night Flowers – Cruel Wind (Official Music Video)

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James Doherty and Laura Whittell are a creative partnership responsible for many award-winning promotional campaigns. From The BBC, Sky and ITV to various brands and talent, they’ve covered it all and are passionate about what they do and even more passionate about music. The chance to collaborate with Night Flowers was a fantastic opportunity, given their love of the band and their shared vision to create something unique and exciting. This video captures the idea that sometimes the thing you want the most comes at a great cost. For these brave astronauts, the training, the isolation, the pressure and the fear, are obstacles they must endure to realise their dream – to explore the great beyond. Thankfully Sophia is on hand to guide them through their journey. Combining green screen, archive footage and some clever visual affects, the result is something different, enjoyable and effective in capturing the essence of this sweet and catchy song.

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