Jordan Rakei Croons on “Sorceress”

Jordan Rakei continues his ascent in the music world with the single “Sorceress,” his first for Ninja Tune. The New Zealand-born multi-instrumentalist and producer has made a name for himself in recent years with his soulful delivery and original musical style. “Sorceress” finds Rakei commenting on a complex person in his life over dreamy, pulsing production. The song exhibits Rakei’s maturing sound that appears ready to take off to new heights of recognition.

The song begins with airy guitar chords that define the harmonies and accompany Rakei’s vocals through the first verse. It’s not until the latter part of the verse that he brings in the drums, which give the music a sense of momentum and funk. In the chorus, as Rakei repeats the phrase, “You are the sorceress,” the drums let loose, playing in a more improvisatory style, emphasizing the power of Rakei’s words. His repeating vocal phrases during the chorus become somewhat trance-like, to the point that it almost sounds as if he’s saying, “You are the source of this.” The phrasing may not have been intentional, but it’s perhaps a subconscious contribution to the song’s message about someone causing him pain.

“Sorceress” is emotional yet succinct, with Rakei showing off his abundant musical talents in a disciplined, efficient form. His restrained vocal delivery remains largely in check until the final chorus, where he gets more expressive before the track’s end. With this single, another impressive outing under his belt, Jordan Rakei keeps on his path toward more widespread acclaim.

Messenger of soulful sounds

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