Dakota Won’t Back Down

The Dutch group Dakota have released a new single titled “Silver Tongue” that further demonstrates the up-and-coming band’s unique sound in performance and production. The song comes on the heels of the 2016 EP Leda and their debut single “Icon,” and it shows the group’s maturation in their musical development. With a hazy production aesthetic and captivating lyrics, “Silver Tongue” also proves that Dakota is a band to watch in 2017.

The song has an empowering message that describes the need to keep one’s head held high amid naysayers and anyone or anything else that might get in the way of one’s dreams. Yes, it’s a common theme across many genres of music, but Dakota presents it in a fresh way on “Silver Tongue.”

The band sets the single apart from other songs with similar themes with its delivery and compositional approach. The verses have an open, airy sound with repeating guitar phrases and call-and-response vocals between the lead singer and the band. The minimal pre-chorus builds tension as it leads into the release of the chorus with the repeated vocal line, “Don’t take it from me.”

While “Silver Tongue” may not be groundbreaking, it’s a strong outing from Dakota and cements the group’s original perspective and unique sound. With those traits in tow, there is no doubt that Dakota will continue to make waves in the music world.

Messenger of soulful sounds

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