Twin Bandit Writes Their Own Story

Photo Credit: Tom Terrell

Just because something has been said before doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Such is the case for the Vancouver folk duo Twin Bandit and their recent single “Everything Under the Sun.” The track comes from the upcoming album Full Circle, due out on August 18, and it describes a partner who fulfills all of life’s needs just through their love. The song’s sentiment harkens back to The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love,” among many others, but Twin Bandit gives the theme an original treatment with warm, heartfelt vocals, clever songwriting, and spotless production.

At the heart of the composition of “Everything Under the Sun” is the intricate guitar work from Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott. The interweaving guitar lines, along with Walker and Elliott’s vocal harmonies, show that the two women are talented musicians and that they have a special synergy when they make music together. The guitars are soon joined by an energizing, driving drumbeat that gives the song its forward momentum throughout its playtime. One of the more interesting compositional moments in the song is its bridge, in which the energy changes slightly and Elliott and Walker use some interesting chords to build the momentum back into the finale of the track.

So although the lyrical theme of “Everything Under the Sun” is not entirely original, the delivery from Twin Bandit is clearly earnest, and their strong musicianship and tight production give the track its character. For fans of beautifully crafted, energized yet heartfelt folk music, Full Circle will be one to watch for later this summer.


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