Joe Da Pro Sly in Single

Atlanta’s Joe Da Pro plays it cool and sinister in “Best Smoke,” a raw and gusty effort that puts his charisma on display. “Best Smoke” is a single that emanates dark yet chill vibes, riding on Joe Da Pro’s bass laden voice as he rolls methodically through the well produced track. Hip hop fans will enjoy the youthful yet contained energy that Joe Da Pro puts on display here.

In “Best Smoke,” Joe Da Pro shows off a young and bold confidence. His lyrics are poetic, supplemented by a performance that follows a steady and fiery rhythm. “Best Smoke” has a pretty catchy chorus too, one that comes in at just the right moments to keep the song’s structure nice and square.

The production features some well nuanced embellishments in Joe Da Pro’s vocals, with the instrumental sounding crisp as it hums beneath his performance.

“Best Smoke” has a very nice radio sensibility to it, one that makes it accessible for new and more casual listeners. However, we feel that this sensibility is somewhat safe. Some listeners may find the overall tone of Joe Da Pro’s performance to be somewhat monotonous, with very little moments where the song pops. We think that Joe Da Pro did this deliberately, as “Best Smoke” is supposed to be one that is reflective and relaxed. And while we know that not everyone can make reflective and flashy songs like those of Kendrick Lamar and Drake, we would certainly like to see some theatricality and intensity in “Best Smoke.”

Still, fans are going to love the down to earth and raw feel of “Best Smoke.” Joe Da Pro combines performance and lyricism with a musical production that is tight. Overall, Joe Da Pro puts on display a potential intensity that is exciting and intriguing. “Best Smoke” is a single that you just can’t go wrong with.

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