Red Velvet Flavorful with Summer Mini Album

For the 2017 summer season, SM Entertainment and their rising five-member girl group Red Velvet offers a refreshing summer mini album with The Red Summer that is full of explosive energy.

The Red Summer comes blasting out of the gates with the leadoff track, “Red Flavor.” The group immediately goes all out by singing the chorus right away, leaving audiences hooked right on with the group’s enthusiasm behind the vocal delivery. With the chorus, the writers gets audiences tasting the group’s flavourful refreshment, using words such as honey (in English), strawberry, candy shop, and flavour. Red Flavor’s pacey rhythmic beat will also have audiences breaking a sweat from start to finish. “Red Flavor” is easily the best song on the album, and it’s certainly a potential summer anthem of the year within the K-Pop universe.

For “You Better Know,” the album’s second track, the group dials things to a simpler anthemic house banger that has the same magical feel as Katy Perry’s Firework” and f(x)’s “All Mine.” I really like the instrumental buildup from the start, and how it gently climbs for an explosive chorus that will have audiences jumping to the beat. Red Velvet’s vocal delivery also doesn’t miss a beat, matching the song’s emotion that will also have audiences singing along with them at the top of their lungs.

The thing about starting the album off with an excellent track like “Red Flavor” is that it’s tough to carry that momentum throughout the song and build on it. While “You Better Know” is a nice follow-up track, I began to feel with “Zoo,” the third track, that The Red Summer began to drop a little for me. “Zoo” blends elements of tropical-house, moombahton, and Euro house synths, which aligns a little more with the current pop sound. While “Zoo” is a fun track with cutesy vocal deliveries, it’s more difficult to get into compared to the previous tracks.

Meanwhile, the fourth track “Mojito” brings in a hyper vibe with a pacey beat, accompanied by mild 808 kicks. Once again, Red Velvet does well with their vocal performance, but the song as a whole is too short, and it feels like it lacks a big ending.

The Red Summer ends with “Hear the Sea.” For this track, Red Velvet and the writers nicely dials things back for a laid back R&B cut that will have audiences feeling romantic. I really like the beat throughout the song, as it doesn’t use traditional pop patterns and sounds like it’s largely triplet-based. A song like this is a great way to close out The Red Summer.

Red Velvet is well on their way to becoming a mega K-Pop force — if they aren’t, yet — and The Red Summer is a great addition to their repertoire that will help them reach those heights. Although The Red Summer as a whole isn’t the greatest EP released, it features amazing tracks with high replay value. The Red Summer certainly holds the kind of magic that K-Pop lovers will value for a long, long time.

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