Get Ready for Some Funky Whiplash Thanks to Maya Killtron!

“Whiplash” is the third song in Maya Killtron’s Never Dance Alone series. She claims to draw inspiration from her first time hearing Michael Jackson’s “PYT.” This is mainly evident in the electronic funk she’s created atop a more classic funky bassline. Honestly, the song does exactly the opposite of what the name of her series suggests because you will definitely be dancing alone to this, no matter where you are. Cue the montage!

Seriously though, aside from the MJ nod, one of the best comparisons I can make for this track is to a Chromeo type sound but with a more soulful vocal performance; and what a performance! Killtron has a killer voice – despite the modern twist on funk that the music around takes, her vocal performance has something very classic about it. The more traditional sound is likely due to the harmonious backing vocals, which give an homage to 60s girl groups. Not to mention, she has a pitch on the lower side.

Her voice is throwing back to soul and jazz singers of the 60s as well, while she belts it out in the final iteration of the chorus.

The lower pitch of her voice makes for an easier listen when paired with the high notes typically used in funk melodies.Similarly to the vintage time period she evokes, her lyrics seem wholesome, with the added innuendoes that make soul music as sassy as it is. She quirkily delivers lyrics like “Boy you got me whiplashed/You’re always doing me right/Still want you every night,” which at first glance sounds innocent, but anyone past the age of 15 knows otherwise. The contrast between the more classic soul singing and the 80s, upbeat backtrack makes for an extremely entertaining song. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the track seems a bit to fast, as though it’s been sped up.

“Whiplash” still sounds great, I just wish it was a bit slower so listeners could really appreciate Killtron’s vocal runs and the great beat. The speed is surely not enough to ruin the song and the fact that it’s a spectacular addition to any summer playlist.

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