Dead Posey Makes Debut with Respectable EP

Los Angeles rock duo Dead Posey makes their debut with their EP Freak Show. Their fiery and courageous performance throughout the album will have audiences dancing and singing along with the band, keeping them in a party mood for all five tracks.

Photo by Harvy Moon

Every song in this album is a rock anthem that will entice audiences to get on their feet and sing. They have the vocal delivery that’s easy enough to sing along for. For instance, the first track “Don’t Stop the Devil” immediately entices audiences to hum along with the band. In “Freak Show,” the band combines “Nah nah nah’s” over a pacey four-to-the-floor beat as the song’s hook, and in the chorus the band sings “One for the money, two for the freak show” along with “Ooh-ooh’s.” It’s all simple enough for audiences to get captured by the band’s sound here, leaving them no choice but to sing along with every word. “Boogeyman” is more of a stomp-clap, stomp-stomp-clap thing with the audience, while “Holy Grail” will have them back singing with the “Yeah, yeah, yeah, ho-ohh’s.”

The only major downside with Freak Show is its lack of variety between the tracks. Yes, some songs are slower than others, but they all function the same as audience-engaging arena anthems. There’s a lot of commercial value behind the album, and producers looking for soundtracks for beer commercials and sports promos will have a lot to pick from with Dead Posey’s EP. That beings said, it’s all too similar with other rock bands like The Black Keys and Fall Out Boy who pretty much deliver similar sounds. Any kind of appeal this EP has towards most casual listeners will likely die out quickly.

Overall, Dead Posey has a respectable album with Freak Show. As great as this album is produced and performed, it’s difficult to tell whether the duo would offer anything more exciting based on what they delivered with this EP.





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