Tyler, The Creator Growls Again

Tyler, The Creator holds nothing back as usual in his split single for “Who Dat Boy” and “911 / Mr. Lonely,” a gutsy double punch that shows off the acclaimed rapper’s visceral and musical style. Tyler, The Creator does a solid job as per usual putting on display his aggressive and unrestrained hip hop style in this release.

The split single starts off with “Who Dat Boy,” an offering that may not stand out as much from the rest of his catalogue, but does a solid job in continuing the unapologetically loud and visceral style of the rapper. “Who Dat Boy” is catchy and insatiable in its dark and sinister machinations, with Tyler, The Creator allowing his charismatic demeanour to carry the song. We don’t think it’s a song that reaches the heights we know Tyler, The Creator can reach, but we’re happy nonetheless to hear more new music from him.

“911 / Mr. Lonely” comes in on the second half of the split single, a surprisingly mellow R&B offering that offers some great vibes for the listener. This track is shows off Tyler, The Creator’s fantastic musical versatility that shines beautifully here, as “911 / Mr. Lonely” contrasts nicely from “Who Dat Boy.”

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Tyler, The Creator’s style shines beautifully here, even if “Who Dat Boy” is relatively safe for the rapper’s standards. The production is crisp and polished, giving us a nicely mastered product that isn’t shined too much that it takes away from Tyler, The Creator’s gritty and violent demeanour.

The production meanwhile in “911 / Mr. Lonely” is well done, with the mastering allowing the wonderful track to shine even more. Listeners are going to love the ambiance and overall feel of “911 / Mr. Lonely,” with Tyler, The Creator giving us a great reprieve from the harsh vibes of “Who Dat Boy.”

Who Dat Boy / 911 is a solid split that serves as a fantastic extension of Tyler, The Creator’s catalogue.

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