DeJ Loaf Feels the Love with No Fear

Detroit-based singer and rapper DeJ Loaf continues to steadily rise and make her name in the pop music scene. Her first studio album Liberated is set to release sometime this year, and her latest single “No Fear” will be one of the singles from the album.

With a tight production and a laid-back chill vibe, “No Fear” will fit right in with all other songs dominating the radio. The song’s lyrical theme, in which DeJ Loaf sings about loving her significant other while filtering out all the noise and obstacles that try to get in their way, should resonate with most listeners. It’s a simple enough song to listen to, and audiences should have no problems getting into the song.

Although the theme is nothing new, the song is still written well. There isn’t many cliché phrases and there’s a lot of lines listeners can pick out on, such as “I know my life can get so crazy / But as long as you’re right here / None of the gossip, nothing can stop us / I wanna love you with no fears.” There’s no moment in the song where things get too complex to process, especially with the chorus. It’s easy enough to have audiences just close their eyes and place themselves in the moment with someone they love.

However, the only downside with “No Fear” is that although it fits in well with the pop music scene, it doesn’t stand out from them. A song like “No Fear” certainly had the potential to reach higher levels but it failed to reach them. Part of that comes from the monotonic vocal melody. DeJ Loaf’s range is rather narrow and limited with the song.

“No Fear” isn’t the most exciting song but it’s still respectable enough to have audiences looking forward for her upcoming album.





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