The Killers are ‘The Man’ with Latest Single

Veteran pop rock band The Killers knows exactly what they should bring to the table to have audiences on their feet and rocking out. The four-piece group from Las Vegas truly does not disappoint with their latest fiery single “The Man,” which is from their upcoming album, Wonderful Wonderful.

The song is exactly what you’d expect from a song titled, “The Man.” The song is all about boosting self-confidence and feeling your own swagger and there’s many lines sprinkled throughout that attributes to that theme. We hear it right at the start of the first verse: “I know the score like the back of my hand / Them other boys I don’t give a damn.” Already, the vocalist puts his know-it-all up front while adding he doesn’t care about the “other boys.” Specifically, with the second line, we are given the contrast between a man and a boy, and how big the vocalist feels because he is “the man.”

The chorus sees repetition of the words, “I got.” The vocalist has a lot of things: “gas in the tank,” “money in the tank,” and news that people are “looking at the man.” And these lines are sung again and again just in case the listener needs reminding that the vocalist is indeed the man.

And it’s all The Killers sing about from start to finish. For a theme that’s already used many times in pop music, the theme gets exhausted itself as the song goes along. The good thing is that the band’s performance of the song is excellent. They stay away from typical pop arrangements and they mix things up throughout the song to keep listeners on their toes. Although the lyrical content is way too predictable, at least the arrangement takes some tangents along the way.

“The Man” isn’t a mind-blowing release, but there’s no doubt I see a lot of commercial value for The Killer’s latest pop-rock anthem. For example, I could imagine in September/October that Hockey Night in Canada will use a song like this when they release an intro video showcasing Auston Matthews, Carey Price, or Erik Karlsson. I’m just hoping it’s not as overused as that Fall Out Boy song you’ll remember for centuries.

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