Find Comfort with Basement Revolver’s Single “Tree Trunks”

(Featured Image Photo by Yoshi Cooper)

There’s something special about the way music heals us. It’s always there for us when we are facing the toughest moments in our lives.

Photo by Don Gleeson (@ramucy)

Three piece alternative/shoegaze band Basement Revolver from Hamilton, Ontario wrote their single “Tree Trunks” when one of the members began experiencing panic attacks. The song is also a reflection of how they feel about the environment and how it’s connected to the mental health of others.

“Tree Trunks” perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere the band tries to portray with the single. With the vocal and instrumental delivery, Basement Revolver offers a dreamy experience that will have audiences gazing, wandering away into a new world that acts as their safe haven. The song’s slow tempo and the band’s mellow attitude fits in with the kind of message and comfort the band portrays, leaving audiences in complete comfort in the end.

The song is also well written. It’s easy to tell that Basement Revolver has taken a lot of care in their lyrics. There’s no clichés and ideas that are too complex to process. The band does just enough to get their message across to establish a heart to heart connection with their listeners. The instrumental arrangement doesn’t try and get in the way of the vocals, either. They do a fantastic job driving the song along and shaping the song’s atmosphere.

Basement Revolver has an excellent single in “Tree Trunks.” The song’s atmosphere acts as a safe haven for audiences to simply get lost and carried away in. I’m also glad to read that the band member received professional help with her panic attacks, and we encourage everyone to do the same for any mental health issue they have. There are many resources out there with people who are willing to help you out in any way they can.


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