Great Good Fine Ok Return in Latest EP

The upbeat and sweet sounding Great Good Fine Ok give us another dose of their honeyed electronic pop sound in III. Their latest EP gives us another energetic handful of their music brand, with a crisp mix of melodies and electronic synths coming together to produce memorable pop. With a swagger that emanates the likeness of indie electronic pop, all without sounding too cliche, Great Good Fine Ok sounds absolutely fantastic in III.

“Take It Or Leave It” kicks off the record with a stylish flair, combining an upbeat energy that culminates and swirls together beautifully in the song’s catchy chorus. III begins on an undeniably irresistible note that listeners and fans will find absolutely contagious.

In “Get Away,” the band brings on a more conventional sounding indie pop sound that has a nice radio friendly swagger. Although this is one of their more generic sounding tracks on the record, Great Good Fine Ok still does a good job in establishing their identity throughout this track.

“Always” comes in on track three, a fantastic gem that has an insatiable shot of old school infused into it. Here, Great Good Fine Ok offers a youthful and summery song that is a fantastic mix of melodic pop and dance sensibility. A surefire fan favourite, “Always” is a hooky offering that is sure to draw new listeners to the band.

Great Good Fine Ok flexes more of their dance music muscles in “Everything To Me.” This anthemic cut on track 5 has a slight melancholic edge to it that will make this one all the more endearing on the dance floor. There’s an undeniable amount of remix potential in this song, and Great Good Fine Ok may very well have birthed yet another great pop anthem from this record.

The penultimate track is a quietly fantastic surprise in “Already Love,” another massive track that has the stylistics of a 90’s boy band. This insatiable number has the potential to be another fan favourite as Great Good Fine Ok veers into a more R&B pop type track with this cut.

III ends with a surprisingly soulful cut in “Thinking,” an R&B driven track with the spirit of artists such as The Weeknd and Miguel. “Thinking” is complete with a bluesy guitar solo that drives the quality and breadth of the record all the more higher, with Great Good Fine Ok ending their record on a triumphant note.

Bringing this all together is a quality production, wrapping together the album in a tight and cohesive package. While the album could have benefited from having more passionate cuts such as “Thinking,” Great Good Fine Ok does an absolutely fine job of creating a unique indie pop experience that is very much their identity.





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