The Aces Shine with Debut EP

Based in Provo, Utah, four piece rock band The Aces make their debut their EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest. With four tracks, Cristal Ramirez, Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson, and McKenna Petty impresses from start to finish with their excellent performances and writing, delivering a sound that will have audiences immediately on board as new fans.

Photo by Evelyn Eslava

The EP starts with “Stuck,” which has the all-familiar upbeat indie sound to ease the tension displayed in the lyrics, where the vocalist sings, “I’m stuck babe / Stuck with nowhere to go.” The song’s energy will immediately have audiences on board dancing and free.

The Aces shifts over to the second track, “Physical.” With this track they keep the good mood rolling here with another upbeat sound. I really like the chorus in particular, complete with rhythmic drums and melodious vocals and bass. The “ohh’s” also easily invite audiences to sing along, making “Physical” a great anthemic track that will easily brighten anyone’s day.

Meanwhile, “Baby Who” slows things down with a chilly atmosphere that audiences can warm up to. This laid back track bears close similarities to The 1975’s style, and The Aces execute it well enough that fans of The 1975 can easily jump on board with what The Aces has to offer here. Additionally, while the vocalist has been fantastic with her performance throughout the album so far, her work with “Baby Who” is the best out of all the songs.

Photo by Kobe Wagstaff

The Aces end the EP with “Touch.” They end the album the same way they started it: With an upbeat sound and high driving energy.  Everything from the verses to the choruses offer every moment for audiences to dance along with the band. “Touch” is pretty much the prefect track to end the EP, leaving audiences on a high note and drooling for more.

As The Aces’ debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest features a solid indie rock sound, backed by excellent performances from each of the band members and an overall professional production. There’s no doubt that The Aces are oozing potential with I Don’t Like Being Honest. The only thing they’re lacking at this moment is their own identity in terms of their sound. For their next record I would like to hear them deliver a sound that’s more different than what the indie rock scene has delivered already, and I’m confident they’ll be able to do so.





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