Blackjack Billy Lets Loose with Show Out

Nashville, Tennesse country rock band Blackjack Billy have been finding success across both the United States and Canada. With their sound branded as “redneck rock,” the four piece group comes back with their recently released six track EP Show Out, where they let loose and bring the sunshine with their musical craft.

Blackjack Billy starts things off with a stomping three minute track, “My Lips Your Kiss.” For the album’s pop-esque first track, Blackjack Billy goes all out with attitude, from a slick vocal delivery, to an anthemic-like catchy chorus, and a fiery guitar solo.

The band then dials things back with a feel good second track, “L-I-V-I-N.” Bearing some elements of reggae, Blackjack Billy drives a slow and simple sound that simply celebrates the good life. The band keeps the good vibes rolling with “Nothing On You,” where the vocalist praises his lover’s beauty with a little faster tempo compared to the last track.

Meanwhile, “Show Out” dials it back a little bit with a similar attitude they’ve shown in the first track, where the vocalist sings about his love for someone and going after them no matter what the others are saying. The fifth track, “How to Get the Girl,” features Madeline Merlo who does well with her vocal performance, comfortably sharing the stage with Noll Billings. The song bears more of the traditional country pop/rock sound, and country fans will no doubtingly enjoy this anthemic song.

The EP ends with “Lucky Dog.” Standing as the longest song on the album, the four minute track goes out easy with a moderate-paced stomper. I like how the song plays with the pace of the song. They push things with the verse, slow it down for the chorus, and push it again for the guitar solo. “Lucky Dog” is the most engaging song on the album that will have audiences moving and entranced by the band.

Although Show Out doesn’t have many standout moments, Blackjack Billy comes out with a respectable record, letting their style shine here without trying to do too much to win fans over. While the album’s appeal factor is a little limiting towards listeners from other genres, many country fans will love what Blackjack Billy has to offer with their latest EP.





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