Dustin Prinz is Excellent with Multidimensional EP

Music always offers an opportunity for all kinds of musicians to escape the real world and enter their own creative zone. Nebraska-born singer Dustin Prinz is certainly no exception, as his latest album 3D came to be when he was having an existential meltdown. Featuring five new tracks, 3D is simply a multidimensional wonder filled with Dustin Prinz’s exceptional creativity and shining charm, which will easily catch audiences and carry them into Dustin Prinz’s musical world.

The extended play begins with the first track, “Monster.” Dustin Prinz describes this track as his “fear of the ever changing music industry and the degradation of the artist.” Although it has a minimalistic arrangement, it has everything to grab audiences by the ear and pull them right into Dustin Prinz’s world, from the song’s fast pace, to it’s deep and well-written lyrics, to its chorus where it’s literally just, “Om-nom-nom-nom!!!” With the first track, Dustin Prinz already impresses on a few things: Firstly, his ability to implement his own songwriting conventions while delivering a pleasurable sound. He’s unafraid of doing his own thing with this particular song, and it shows from his vocal and guitar performances; Secondly, his amazing vocal range. He shows his ability to reach both high and low notes, making “Monster” melodiously engaging.

Dustin Prinz maintains an upbeat mood with the second track, “The Anchor,” in which Dustin describes this song as his “back and forth nature regarding religion, God, and social conformity.” Dustin shines well here once again with his excellent songwriting. The song’s bright-shining atmosphere, driven by the song’s moderate tempo, the high synths, and the rhythmic drum beat will help welcome audiences in sitting and sharing a moment of reflection with Dustin, and the message he is trying to convey with “The Anchor.”

The album slows thing down with “Fates,” a mellow track. Being the third album on the EP, the song is based off of the three Fates of Greek Mythology. I really like the production on this one. Dustin Prinz excels in this song’s performance, bringing out a lot of emotion from the song and its message. I also like the hard-panned tambourines to create width for the song. A sound effect (which is probably a reel-to-reel though I’m not too sure) constantly plays throughout the song to add a cinematic effect.

Meanwhile, “The Sublime” is a song about Dustin Prinz having a conversation with himself and how he fights his demons that emotionally hurt him. This particular track initially takes a dark turn, driven by the unpredictable and eerie instrumental, before going loose at the halfway point of the song. Once again, Dustin Prinz excels with his vocal performance. He is able to bring so much emotion and personality out of both his singing and spoken word parts, and as a result, audiences should find it easy to connect with him.

The EP ends with “Rain Barrel,” where Dustin Prinz simply makes fun of himself for his tendency to “overthinking things.” The delivery is similar with “The Sublime,” where he brings out a lot of personality with his vocal performance. The song’s upbeat composition will grab listeners right in, and the song’s use of repetition including the words, “You’re fucked up!” will stick right with them, helping them understand the meaning behind “Rain Barrel.”

Dustin Prinz allows his confidence and freedom to let 3D shine as brightly as it can. With each of the five songs, he is unafraid to do his own thing, puts his own musical style to the front, and lets everything go. 3D is a wonderfully written and performed album, and there’s no doubt that many listeners who come across this album will fall in love in no time.


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