The Mid-Week Recap

Hey guys, and welcome back to that article where we brief you on all the cool content we’ve been putting out in the last couple of days.

First, we turned our attention to Josephine and the Artizans. The band, their sound equally melodic as it is hard-hitting hip hop, released a new EP entitled HipHopera: Act II. The album is an accurate musical representation of their sound.

The tracks begin with hard-hitting rap bars, and move into operatic vocals guaranteed to send shock waves through every (fortunate) listener. Josephine and the Artizans are effectively looking to achieve what many groups have attempted (yet, failed) doing: joining both old and new. This powerhouse group have got it down. HipHopera: Act II will be sure to resonate with diverse musical crowds, and hopefully, will garner the band the success that they so deserve.

Next, we take an entirely different turn and delve into the world of electronic music. Dublin artist, Kormac, has hit “electro gold” with his new track, “I Believe.” The single, a quintessential mix of both classic lounge music and fiery dance beats, is a vibrant track guaranteed to soar in the settings of any club or bar. Yet, the track falls short in the most crucial of ways: its monotonous feel has the listener wanting more. “I Believe” has the potential to act as an incredibly energetic, dance-floor song. However, its inability to grab listeners will prove to be its greatest downfall. Our thoughts on production, and the song’s potential for radio success, are up now.

Finally, 24Our reviewed South African artist, WelKay’s, new track “Ellos Bailan (They Dance).” This single was a new turn for Port Shepstone native, WelKay. His older releases had been predominantly rap-centric, while “Ellos Bailan (They Dance)” had an entirely different feel. This departure from hard-hitting, bass-bumping rap is something that WelKay strived for. His central goal is to never remain stagnant within one genre of music. This new single is a reflection of the artist wanting to incorporate different genres, like dancehall, reggae, etc., into his repertoire. We think that WelKay’s new single is guaranteed to garner incredible success as the song of the summer.


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