Syn Brings Heat in The BlakOut

Syn brings on an inferno in his performance on The BlakOut, a stylish EP that shows off a fearless swagger. Bringing on a ferocious energy that is marred only by an average production, The BlakOut is an exciting EP that is enjoyable.

The BlakOut has an artistic and cinematic flair to it that is obvious right at the onset of the record. Following a short and theatric intro, Syn opens with “Piece Of The Pie,” a heavy track that features Dylan Dili and No Body. The cut starts off right at the start of the EP the hot energy of the EP, with Syn and company flowing through the song at a confident pace.

“BlakOut” comes in on the second track, a contagious track that will undoubtedly be a fan favourite. This track has a radio sensibility that features a catchy energy that shines brightly throughout the song’s insatiable beat and hooky chorus. Syn shows off his strongest performance here, putting together a performance that makes for one of the more fiery tracks on the album. Fans are going to love the headbobbing swagger of this cut.

We like “Lemme Grab That” too for its confident energy. However, the lyrical content of it feels a little too gimmicky and cheap, as Syn and guest Stoner Simpson opts for something a little too cliché on this track. We love how the EP has established a confident energy throughout the record so far without having to rely on misogynistic clichés. As a hard as this track goes, it unfortunately feels a little cheap.

“BSH” has a dark and irresistible energy that is made complete by Kurrent’s vocals. “BSH” has an energy that is similar to Drake’s “HYFR,” with Syn and Kurrent doing a splendid job putting together an anthemic hip hop cut thanks to just a few letters in an acronym. Fans are going to love this one for its sinister swagger, with an energy that will indeed want to make listeners “ball so hard.”

The EP ends with “Hold Up,” a brief conclusion featuring Dylan Dili that closes off the record. Both performers here put together a fantastic performance despite the track’s short length, which is unfortunate considering how fiery the track sounds. This track sounds appropriate as a closer, however, we do wish that it was fleshed out and made out into its own. Indeed, “Hold Up” is a fantastic ending to the EP, but it has the potential to be the best track on the record.

Syn puts together a fun EP that, while not the most solidly produced, has the potential to be something enjoyable. There are moments where BlakOut shows off its banger potential, and Syn is undoubtedly a charismatic performer. We cannot wait for Syn to show off what he can really do, as BlakOut feels like he could do so much more.








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