Alt-Rock Anthems and Latin Club Bangers

Welcome to this week’s review of music’s biggest, current chart toppers! Both the rock and pop charts have remained stagnant in past weeks. They’re comprised of tracks that have spent significant time on the charts in the last months. Here’s a look at some of North America’s, and most likely your, favourites!

  1. Despacito
    Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

This Latin-American track has dominated the charts for a total of 22 weeks now. For the most part of those 22 weeks, Despacito has remained within the chart’s top-five, its peak position being the number one slot. This song is a beautiful blend of club-worthy Latin music and contemporary pop that leaves no mystery to its gained success. The track appeals to an incredibly vast audience, and the inclusion and featuring of Canadian, Justin Bieber, definitely piqued the interest of the mainstream West.

  1. I’m The One
    DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne

This track is an effective exhibition of new wave hip-hop. Migos’ Quavo, Chance the Rapper and veteran, Lil Wayne, are the essential ‘faces’ of this era’s rap scene. So, having them all on one single was enough to draw in listeners. Each rap verse is followed by a melodic, reggae-style chorus sang by Justin Bieber. This reggae-pop style beat carries through the whole song making the track more palatable for those who aren’t fans of straight rap. Producer, DJ Khaled, has another chart-shattering success on his hands.

  1. That’s What I Like
    Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has definitely taken a new musical direction since his most popular singles, “Just the Way You Are,” “The Lazy Song,” etc. His new sound is being considered in the same vein as James Brown, amongst other Motown greats. That’s What I Like is a blend of the iconic Motown sound and contemporary lyrics. Its infectious rhythm and smooth lyricism are undoubtedly what has garnered its significant chart success.


Now, let’s shift our focus to the rock charts:

  1. Believer
    Imagine Dragons

Alternative rock giants, Imagine Dragons, have remained steady on the charts with their track, Believer, off their newest album, Evolve, for the past 20 weeks. It’s also held onto the chart’s number one slot for the past month. The single had achieved remarkable success far before its album’s mid-June release. This track is incredibly reminiscent of the band’s original, “Radioactive” sound, and packs the same punchy vocal and crashing instrumentals sure to appeal to fans old and new.

  1. Heathens
    Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots skyrocketed to immediate fame with their track Stressed Out in 2015. Ever since, they’ve been producing alt-anthem magic. Heathens is an alt-rock staple with its eerie, dark, yet catchy, lyricism. Its slowed instrumental adds to the track’s darker vibe, while the electronic element incorporated in the song makes it radio friendly and more pleasant to active listeners.


  1. Heavy
    Linkin Park Featuring Kiiara

Heavy is undoubtedly the biggest departure from Linkin Park’s original sound yet. Fans were certainly shocked by LP’s choice to venture into strictly clean vocals and poppy instrumentals. However, this song has gained the band more mainstream success. LP has successively crossed into pop radio territory, expanding their listening audience exponentially. But, have they left their die-hard fans in the dust with their newest album? In any case, Heavy has remained on the rock charts for 18 weeks, floating between the second and third spots.


This has been our weekly chart recap! Are you surprised by the top three? Who do you think deserves these top spots? Sound off below!


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