Alt-Rock’s Top Five

  1. Believer
    Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ Believer has held a spot on the Billboard Rock Charts for over 19 weeks. This song, entirely appealing to the original ID sound – hard-hitting with rock, with electronic undertones and instrumentals, struck fans in the same way the early single, Radioactive, had. Their radio-friendly sound was equally matched with classic alt-rock instrumentals and punchy lyricism; their ability to appeal to fans old and new with Believer is what has kept it soaring in the Billboard’s number one slot. Imagine Dragons’ is an unstoppable alt force that we’ll undoubtedly continue to see experiencing chart success.

  1. Heavy
    Linkin Park Featuring Kiiara

Off their newest album, One More Light, Heavy featuring pop artist Kiiara, is a definite departure from the old Linkin Park sound fans were accustomed to. Original fans had been anxiously awaiting, with this new release, something reminiscent of the band’s late 90s-early 2000s works. Instead of tracks similar to early hits, like Numb and In the End, fans had been met with an entirely new sound. LP’s departure from their early rap-metal vibes has garnered both positive and negative responses. This song consists of, not quintessential rap verses and heavy rock, but Chester Bennington’s cleans, a pop backing track and a soft, female vocal accompaniment. Nonetheless, their single Heavy has proven to have moved beyond the initial negativity to experience considerable chart success. They’ve sat on the charts with this song for over 17 weeks.

  1. Heathens
    Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots’ unique sound has sky-rocketed them into continued success on the Billboard Rock Charts. The group burst into the alt-rock scene with their single Stressed Out in 2015, and has been unstoppable since. Their track, Heathens, took on a darker, somber sound that must have been different for their initial fan base. But, it has since proven to be one of the group’s most successful singles to date. This track’s catchiness and musicality, despite its lyrically ambiguous content, has proven to appeal to a much larger fan-base than initially expected. This single has truly taken the group’s success to new heights, as it’s been steady on the charts for an incredibly impressive 51 weeks.

  1. Thunder
    Imagine Dragons

Is anyone else unsurprised by Imagine Dragons’ capability to appear in the Rock Top 5 twice? Imagine Dragons’ latest album, Evolve, to be released this week, has already garnered major chart success. With two singles within the Billboard’s Top 5, the fans are anticipating a pretty solid album. Thunder had been released just over a month ago, and has already seen 7 weeks on the charts. This song, atmospheric and carried by the constant sound of claps and an electronic beat, is an indefinite appeal to the new wave of alternative rock we’ve been experiencing as of late. Thunder possesses a more indie rock sound than anything Imagine Dragons has released before. Do we like this change in pace? Or do we miss the impact of their heavier tracks?

  1. Human
    Rag N’ Bone Man

Rag N’ Bone Man’s single, Human, and its unique sound are what earned it its place in the chart’s top 5. The track is an effective union of both alternative rock and American gospel. The sound of this track is eerily reminiscent of earlier Imagine Dragons tracks, but met with deep, full vocals only properly carried out and executed by Rag N’ Bone. This song taps into the realm of spirituality, more specifically the need for individuals to look beyond ourselves for something greater. Whether listeners ascribe to the song’s content or not, the lyrics are meaningful, and backed by the artist’s incredible vocal, are driven home on this top 5 track. Human has remained steady on the charts for 28 weeks.


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