Harlequiin Offers “Clock That’s Stopped”

For someone who has spent most of his music career in the shadows supporting other artists, Rory Simmons, A.K.A. Harlequiin seems more than ready for his moment in the spotlight as a solo artist. His recent release “Clock That’s Stopped,” which is the second off of his upcoming EP, shows off his unique production aesthetic and appealing vocals.

The song’s production is at the forefront and is its most noteworthy feature. He playfully layers different ethereal synth textures over a bed of deep bass sounds that are all held together by a crackling drumbeat that gives the track momentum and serious groove.

Harlequiin also offers up some soulful vocals that play with the theme of the passage of time. In the song’s chorus he writes, “Tie yourself to a clock that’s stopped/ hold your breath for a year.” The cyclical structure of his lyrics shows a unique compositional approach and gives the track a hip-hop flavor.

“Clock That’s Stopped” is a confident outing for Harlequiin. It shows that he has a clear concept of his own sound as a solo artist, something that takes others more time to discover. The deft production and engaging vocals suggest a forthcoming EP that will be one to watch for when it’s released.


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