Vol. 7: Rock’n’Roll Copyright Clash

The music scene never seems to disappoint with its unrelenting drama. The rock scene, in particular, is constantly plagued by seething trash talk and constant competition. In today’s news, Gene Simmons – 80s rock legend and member  of KISS – wants to trademark the devil horns. Yes, the unmistakable, universal symbol of all that is metal. One man would like to claim credit for a hand gesture symbolic of an entire genre and era of musical history. As laughable as this entire predicament is, it gets better.

Simmons’ attempt at trademarking the symbol has caused for a significant amount of controversy. The sign the KISS member wants to in fact trademark directly aligns with that used for “I love you” in American Sign Language. On the music front, however, many are discrediting Simmons’ claim of founding this well-known symbol in favor of late artist and former Black Sabbath member, Ronnie James Dio. More specifically, Dio’s widowed wife is baffled by Simmons’ claim to have founded the devil horns.

The symbol was knowingly made popular after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure from and Dio’s joining of Black Sabbath. Dio had made use of the symbol after learning it from his grandmother. She had used it as a method to ward off evil, more specifically, the devil. Ironically, it has now become the symbol of a musical genre often falsely associated with Satanism. Wendy Dio, Ronnie James’ widow, is appalled by Gene Simmons’ attempt to make money off a symbol so central to the lives and careers of so many.

Nikki Sixx, bassist of the now-disbanded Motley Crue, mocked Simmons in tweeting that he, too, would like to trademark a popular hand gesture – the middle finger. What do you guys think of this controversy? Is it as ridiculous as it’s made out to be, or is it a ‘smart’ business move on Simmons’ part? Weigh in below!

This week’s articles have been exceedingly “rock-centric,” and I’m digging it. Sweden-based rock group, Imminence, have released their second full-length album, This Is Goodbye. Their first release had garnered the band great success within their scene. However, their second release would not experience the same reception. Their LP, This Is Goodbye, has been criticized as having drawn too much inspiration from the newest Bring Me The Horizon release, That’s The Spirit.

Bring Me The Horizon had ditched their heavy, breakdown-ridden tracks in lieu of a cleaner, yet just as hard-hitting, sound, backed by fiery instrumentals and a definitive electronic element.

In listening to Imminence’s new release, you can definitely draw similarities between the two albums. Fans even went so far as to criticize the Swedish band’s lack of aggressiveness on the album.

This is reminiscent of the backlash BMTH received before having experienced incredible success with That’s The Spirit. So, is this an instance in which fans need to come around and accept change? Or, have they really relied to heavily on the influence of another band? Our  in-depth track by track review is up now. Do you see the same similarities that we do? Do you think Imminence would be better off having created their own unique, individual sound? Let us know in the comment below.


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