Vol. 6: Comebacks and Breakthroughs

Hello and happy Monday readers! Today, we’re going to fill you in on this weekend’s happenings and prepare you for the week of great articles and new artists ahead.

First on the musical docket, fan favorites the Foo Fighters have returned to the charts with their newest single, “Run.” The track is the lead single off their upcoming ninth studio album. “Run” debuted at the — impressive — ninth spot on the Billboard Rock Airplay Charts. The immediate success of this song is reminiscent of that of the Dave Grohl-fronted band’s previous single, “Saint Cecilia.” If this is in any way reflective of what the new album has in store for listeners, we are in for a good one.

Alternative rock giants, the Killers, have teased new music in the past week. This comes as a pleasant surprise to fans, who have been eagerly awaiting a new release since their 2012 album, Battle Born. The band took to Twitter and shared a rather cryptic black and white video clip, backed by what seemed to have been a bass track. This tweet was quickly followed by the band reassuring followers that news would soon follow. If you’re as curious as we are about what the Killers and musical genius, Brandon Flowers, are up to, check out the Twitter post below.

As for articles this week, our writers delve into a plethora of different musical genres. First, we took to Seattle rapper Draze’s track, “Ain’t Nobody Talking ‘Bout No Real Shit.” The artist’s single serves as a definitive critique of hip hop culture. Draze criticizes how contemporary rappers ultimately neglect real life issues. Instead, they misuse their platform to rap about the material, the superficial, and ultimately, the unimportant. The rapper’s eloquent and powerful lyricism is undeniable.

But, what did we think about the rest of the track? Check out our review of Draze’s single up now. Last but not least, we take a look at French artist Cyclope Espion’s album, Friday Night Epitaph. The stand-alone singer-songwriter has produced a stellar new LP, riddled with tracks guaranteed to tug at the heart strings, fill the listener with wonder and tap into the best and most vulnerable of emotions. Our review of this beautiful meld of pop and folk is live now.


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