Vol. 5: Monday Music Releases

Hey guys and welcome back to this week’s recap!

This week we’re delving into releases from new solo acts and old alt favorites. Toronto-born Dante Matas has created absolute fire with his new single, Every Other Conversation, off his new EP, Midnight Sun. His impeccable musicianship, and undeniable talent, definitively sets him apart from the rest of ‘singer-songwriter’ crowd.

This crowd, once defined by artists like Ed Sheeran, is now paving the way for the rise of newcomers like Matas. Every Other Conversation, in particular, is a beautiful display of Matas’ exquisite lyricism and musical dynamism. The track is beautifully understated and a definite must-listen.

In other news, pop-punk vets All Time Low have demonstrated extensive musical growth in the release of their new album, Last Young Renegade. The four-piece Baltimore band has decidedly taken a much darker turn with this album, straying from their bubblegum punk style that defined them in the mid-2000s. This new album makes sure to respect the band’s origins, while exploring deeper, more atmospheric content. Songs like “Nightmares,” “Dark Side of Your Room,” and “Dirty Laundry” are entirely reflective of the band’s new sound. However, they stay true to the group’s undeniable ability to continuously produce catchy, chorus-driven tracks that will sound great played live. This album is one filled front to back with crowd pleasers and pop-punk sing-a-longs, yet also fulfills that element of angst we all seek from a punk classic.

And finally, Toronto group, Midnight Vesta, deliver great music once again with their newest release, Seconds. The album, though a ‘short’ release of 9 tracks, packs a soulful punch and is well-defined by both beautiful vocals and impacting instrumentals. This album is an ode to all that is well-written country rock. The album is an eclectic – yet well-rounded – culmination of upbeat, catchy rock, bluesy ballads and progressive, rowdy singles. Their most recent work is reminiscent of a perfect summer playlist, something you can easily switch on in your car on a cross country road trip. This meld of intricate guitar solos, soulful vocals and relatable song content makes for a great album, worthy of a third, forth, fifth … infinite amount of listens.


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