Polar States Sweet in Electric EP

Liverpool band Polar States makes sweet noise in their 5-track EP Electric. This cool and melodic record comes just in time for the summer as it delivers a sugary and easy-listening treat. Aptly combining airy vocals with swaggering guitar riffs, Electric delivers a wonderful EP that is easy to vibe to.

The record starts with “Electric,” a serene introduction to the EP. The opening song is mellow, with the band moving along at a steady and peaceful pace. The slightly garagey feel to it gives it a nice and noisy musical profile, with Polar States dishing out a wonderfully idyllic opening to the EP.

“Gold” has a more melodic and pop potential, with a wonderful showcase of vocals singing blissfully over a yet another peaceful and mellow instrumental. “Gold” shows off a much-welcome radio-friendly demeanour. Polar States shows off its easy-going and friendly nature right at the beginning of the EP, with “Gold” showcasing a slightly more upbeat and dancey nature without playing too recklessly.

The EP then weaves through “Shimmer, Pt. 1,” a 40 second EP that adds a cinematic and structured feel to the EP. It leads nicely into “Shimmer, Pt. 2,” another lovely and peaceful track by Polar States that shows off an easy-listening waterfall of noise. “Shimmer, Pt. 2” has a warm and summery vibe to it that continues the amicable demeanour of Polar States, with the song showing off another lovely mix of melodic guitar riffs and airy vocals.

Electric ends with “Everything,” a wonderfully written song that shows off a calm maturity in Polar States. “Everything” has the swagger of an aged rock song, with the track progressing steadily and stylishly. Polar States ends off their EP with musical fanfare, showing off skill, colour, and style.

Electric has a garagey and slightly rough production that adds a rustic charm to the record. Some listeners may be a little off-put by its slight lack of polish, however we love how Electric just sounds all the more charming and endearing.

Polar States releases an shiny gem with Electric, an EP complete with well-crafted instrumentals, wondrously airy vocals, and a mature composure. The production is charming and appropriate for the record’s overall rough and summery aesthetic, bringing out a genuine and raw indie rock energy. Of the tracks, our personal favourite is “Gold,” a beautifully melodic track that sounds like it is ready to set the radio alight. Electric is a fantastic rock EP that shows off the musical colours of the Liverpool band.

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