Vol. 4: Summer Metal in Montreal

Welcome to this week’s installment of Sara’s geeky musical ramblings. In all fairness, some pretty great things are happening this week in terms of both local events and the music scene as a whole. Montréal is preparing to be the host to many great artists this summer, including Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Franz Ferdinand, among many others. It appears as though the ‘music gods’ have a bestowed a damn good summer upon us.

Let’s just ignore how entirely sacrilegious the two words ‘god’ and ‘damn’ sound in the same sentence, shall we? This summer of musical awesomeness will kick off this week with a performance by The Weeknd at the Bell Centre. Music’s resident Starboy will be live in concert this Tuesday, alongside the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Belly and 6lack. The Die for You artist is expected to put on a great show, and how could he not with those killer opening acts? If you’re interested in attending, tickets are still available!

Now, switching gears to an equally accredited female pop artist, Katy Perry’s most recent release Swish Swish, featuring rap goddess, Nicki Minaj, has everyone talking and readily anticipating her new album and subsequent tour. Perry’s new sound, that’s seemingly come with a drastic Miley Cyrus-esque change in appearance, was first reflected in her single Bon Appetit, a collaboration with rap group, Migos. The first single was an infectious track that bordered on electronic, with echoing vocals and a catchy chorus. Swish Swish, riddled with hard-hitting girl power, is a not-so-subtle reminder never to concern yourself with the opinion of others (or, as Perry suggests, sheep.) You can see a more in depth review of Katy Perry’s new single in the coming week!

The metal scene is also seeing massive movement among artists new and old. Power metal giants, Dragonforce, have once again released a pretty stellar album. The band has always been known to stay true to a ‘magic’ formula of badass (yet, extremely long) guitar solos and playing at ridiculous speeds. Though some bands feared their new release would be rather predictable, their new work Reaching Into Infinity is anything but. The band has cut down on track lengths, respecting and demonstrating their musical prowess without appealing to their habit of overdoing it. This creates for more enjoyable songs and better album flow. Dragonforce would also release their first track with screamed vocals on this album, something fans are sure to enjoy. A better look into their new album is on its way.

You can look forward to hearing about these artists, and the likes of (an all-time favourite,) Silverstein, Polar State, Chris James, and other great musicians in the coming week on 24Our.


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