Vol. 3: Unfortunate Turn of Events

This week has, unfortunately, started with another tragedy. England’s Manchester Arena, which was hosting an Ariana Grande concert this evening, was the target of a terrorist attack. The venue has been bombed, leaving 19 dead and over 50 injured. Authorities have not identified any suspects, yet due to the severity and scope of the attack, they have described it as being a definitive act of terrorism; this may be subject to change with more information.

The UK has been on high alert considering the recent chain of terrorist attacks that have occurred across Europe within the past decade. This event has once again paralyzed the country, and instilled fear in its people. It has been confirmed that both Ariana Grande and her tour crew are safe and unharmed. Affected families and Grande, herself, are in our thoughts.

24Our is looking at some great music this week. Rising star, Amery, released a new track entitled “So Good,” a R&B/Pop single that has all the makings of a solid summer favorite. Reminiscent of a JT or the Weeknd track, this song will not disappoint.

On the flip-side, we interviewed Liverpool rock group, the Polar States. They recently dropped their long-awaited EP, Electric.

We tapped into their biggest inspirations, their thoughts on the new album and what kind of work fans can look forward to. Finally, we shift gears to a rap track recorded by DC artists PoloDolo. The single “Dolla Signs” is, as expected, largely ‘dolla-centric.’ With clean vocal production and undeniable swagger, PoloDolo can be expected to produce greatness. However, what did we think about his most recent track? Stay tuned for our two cents (I know, I hate myself too.)

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