Bye Bye Badman is Charming with New Dreamy EP

Based in Seoul, South Korea, four-piece indie rock band Bye Bye Badman continues to push their sound towards higher ground with their four track EP, 너의 파도 Wave, released April 29th, 2017. Standing as the band’s second EP and fourth overall album release, 너의 파도 Wave delivers an upbeat and dreamy sound, which should capture the hearts of a lot of indie rock listeners.

Wave begins with the first track of the same name. It starts off quiet but builds up for a driving and upbeat chorus. Although the feel-good lead-off track has catchy moments, the vocal delivery is a little shaky. There’s also cowbell-like quarter note hits throughout the chorus that sounds a little out of place which could be fixed easily by tuning it to the key of the song.

“Colin,” the second track, offers the same uplifting indie-rock mood as the previous track. The vocal delivery and instrumental performance are much better in this one. The catchy vocal, guitar, and synth melodies over a pleasing chord progression easily makes “Colin” the best song on the EP. The song’s music video features the band performing this song through city alleyways and atop of a building while the song’s lyric’s appear floating across the screen.

“Mercury” takes things down. They maintain the dreamy indie vibe but with a slower and more lustful atmosphere, backed by a bass-heavy drum rhythm, chilled guitar and synth melodies, and mesmerizing vocals. The EP ends with “Best Friends,” a pacey, feel-good number. The vocals delivery doesn’t do much to push the song past its limits for an explosive track, but still maintains their dreamy style.

Overall, Bye Bye Badman offers a respectable and enjoyable four track EP that will have indie listeners falling in love and feeling at home with their music. Tighter mixing and production along with a wider sound variety would have made 너의 파도 Wave shine brighter, but there’s no taking away the charm that Bye Bye Badman packs within this album.





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