Amery New Single ‘So Good’ is Even Better

The vintage intro slides into this track with love for black and white keys. Amery is playful and just different enough to keep me interested on his new track ‘So Good,’ and it is so good (couldn’t help myself). Hip-hop, R&B and pop, like a stripped down The Weekend without all the problematic drug use, but not without it’s own musical edge. This is a man giving in to love, stirring into a hit that Justin Timberlake wishes he wrote.

The piano stays, backed up by the rest of this production, which focuses more on layering Amery’s voice, than it does on electronic shimmers to distract you. The voice modification trick usually gets an eye-roll from this listener, but he uses it playfully and justly, adding enough strange to hold my attention and keep the song interesting. Seemingly, without even trying, Amery is sexy and coy, extending his hand for a dance with true love. I can’t stop moving my body to this song, which I prepare to replay when I hear that electric guitar at the end followed by his sneaky laugh.

The Belgium artist is on his way with this finger-snap hit. Hard to believe this is his world-wide debut. The 20-year-old is as authentic as they come; watch the clips of him singing live and understand this is a man in charge of his sound.

“Just a little bit too much,” this is a song about the conflicting fear and pleasure of falling in love, where feeling good dances above that noise of emotion, and you meet that special someone. With a pelvic beat, effective and satisfying, ‘So Good’ braids itself together giving Michael Jackson a nod, while sounding mature and confident enough to distinguish Amery from the cloud of smooth criminals out there. And did I mention he’s cute? So good.

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