Coffee Breath Offers a Strong Debut EP

A debut EP can come into the world under countless different circumstances. In many cases, a group is still honing in on a unified sound when they record their first music. In other cases, like with the Birmingham, England group Coffee Breath, a debut EP is like an unleashing of something that’s been held in captivity. It’s clear from Coffee Breath’s forthcoming release I’ll Lose Interest In This, due out May 26, that they already has a well-established sound, evidenced in their confident compositions and delivery.

Coffee Breath is a five-piece group featuring Sam Tidmarsh on vocals, Matt Reynolds on guitar, Ryan McCorkell on guitar, Max Hadfield on bass, and Cem Ozer on drums. On I’ll Lose Interest In This, the band’s sound is identified by evolving grooves, intricate guitar layering, and soaring vocal melodies. It’s clear from the EP’s four songs that although it’s their first release, they have immense chemistry and each part of the music fits together seamlessly.

The EP opens with “Summertime,” which features a gentle pulse and bubbling guitar parts that reflect the song’s title. The feeling doesn’t last long, though, as the music gives way to a driving beat and hard hits in its hook before returning to the relaxed feel for the subsequent verses. “Playfight” continues the trend of varying feels with its repeated starts and stops as Tidmarsh sings about a complicated relationship.

The band opts for a somewhat more consistent feel through the duration of “Kites,” although the track is not without its share of breakdowns and buildups to match its emotionally charged lyrics. “Daydream” closes out I’ll Lose Interest In This, in perhaps the most musically experimental track of the bunch. The song regularly changes feel and time signature as Tidmarsh writes of hoping for a change in life.

While I’ll Lose Interest In This only contains four songs, it gives a strong indication of where Coffee Breath is as a band and hints at directions they might take in the future. Even the EP’s title suggests they will continue to evolve. What is certainly clear, though, is that the group has a cohesive sound and great synergy. It’s obvious that these players are all on the same page musically and that trait alone can take a band to great heights.

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