Wayward Transmissions is Strong with Debut Broadcast

Based in Langley, British Columbia, folk and country singer Travis Rea performs under the name Wayward Transmissions. He delivers his first broadcast with his debut EP, AM Broadcast, which is simply full of genuine emotions and a relaxing sound.

Listeners will immediately feel right at home with the first track, “Moment.” The upbeat song delivers an impressive performance from the vocalists and the instrumentalists. Travis Rea in particular good job with the lyrics and his vocal performance, allowing the message of the song to be easily heard and flow through the listener. Additionally, the backing vocals do well to support the lead vocals without getting much in the way. Meanwhile, the drums and the guitars shape the song well without overdoing the arrangement, preserving the feel-good vibe “Moment” emits.

AM Broadcast turns things down with a darker second track in “Helpless King.” Dominated by vocals, an acoustic, and a bass, with the addition of an electric guitar and percussion along the way, “Helpless King” has an overall haunting vibe. Travis Rea and the backing vocals do an exceptional job capturing it with both the writing and the performance, allowing the message to seep through the listener and sink in.

The third track, “Good Things,” keeps things quiet but this time delivers a more uplifting sound, where Travis Rea sings about love and patience. The instrumental is also kept simple here to keep the vocalists in the forefront and the message strong. The album ends with “Comfortable Lie.” Travis Rea keeps the mood solemn, delivering the same dark vibe that “Helpless King” had. The instrumental is a little more involved here, complete with a full drum-kit set up. The song writing remains strong here as well, with Travis Rea and the backup singers performing them with genuine emotion.

While the overall production of the music could be better to allow AM Broadcast to shine even brighter, it’s still impressive that these songs were pieced together in both Travis’ home studio and the Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver. The mixing is well done and all of the songs are easy to listen to. I also wish there was a little more upbeat songs like “Moment” to balance out the variety of the songs. I enjoyed all of the tracks, but more variety would allow the EP to appeal to even more listeners.

Overall, Wayward Transmissions nails his debut transmission with AM Broadcast. The amount of professionalism Travis Rea has shown with this album should leave listeners wanting more from the Langley, BC singer.





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