Shehzad Bhanji Sets World Alight with Album

In his 8-track album Profound Beginnings, Qatar’s Shehzad Bhanji sounds blissful and almost breathtaking. Beautifully stitching together 80’s rock sounds in the form of crunching guitar solos and dashing drum sequences, Bhanji is a blissful and musical magician as he sets the stage ablaze.

“Till We Meet Again” kicks off the album with a furious swagger, setting off without delay the anthemic and courageous tone of the record. Bhanji is ferocious in his delivery, with his melodic guitar solos ringing loudly throughout the song.

It flows perfectly into “One Cool Summer,” with an energy that almost sounds like it came from a Bryan Adams record. The tingling mix of epic solos with echoey guitar sequences gives a definite and nostalgic edge to the song that does evoke the feeling of a cool summer. Bhanji’s ability to paint the scenery with music is put on full colour display here.

Bhanji then dishes out a serenade in “Straight From The Heart.” Although a little bit cliche in nature, this one echoes with a genuine energy that already flows through the record. “Without You” meanwhile sounds more desperate, evoking wonderful feelings of passion, melancholy, and determination.

“Crazy In Love” is a beautiful love song that has an intense energy emanating from it. Bhanji’s mesmerizing guitar solos resonate loudly here, complemented fantastically by a piano accompaniment.

The record then demonstrates a rougher edge with “Steal You Away,” with Bhanji showing off a more fiery side that we haven’t yet seen. The fighting energy that bellows beneath “Steal You Away” adds a welcoming angrier dimension to Profound Beginnings.

“Meaning Of Love” drops in at the record’s penultimate track, a wonderful power ballad that demonstrates fantastic synergy throughout the entire instrumental. Bhanji’s guitar takes centre stage as usual, but the tight bass grooves that keep the pace beneath the record’s dramatic crooning, as well the sparkling piano riffs that come in from time to time, help drive this track higher in its beauty.

The record ends cinematically with “Midnight In Doha,” a peaceful conclusion to a dramatic record that shows off Shehzad Bhanji’s confident swagger.

Profound Begnnings is a beautiful piece that shows off style, passion, and skill of Shehzad Bhanji, with his energy coming smoothly through the magic of blaring guitar solos. The production unfortunately does mar the record from truly reaching the heights it deserves to hit.

Still, Profound Beginnings is record rife with anthemic cuts and intense moments of 80’s rock. The Qatar instrumentalist does a spectacular job in showing off his skill as Shehzad Bhanji demands your attention.

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