Velvet Two Stripes Brings You to Knees

Dropping a bomb loaded with swagger, control, and energy, the Scandinavian trio Velvet Two Stripes are raucous in their semi-automatic EP Got Me Good. The bluesy garage rock outfit are armed to the teeth with sounds reminiscent of The White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with fuzzy guitars, contagious bass grooves, and gruff vocals creating for bombastic anthems. Got Me Good is a rock record delivered with impeccable style, showing off the visceral energy of Velvet Two Stripes.

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“Hey Boy” is a fiery and anthemic start to the record, with singer Sophie Diggelmann sounding especially lethal in her vocal delivery. The band’s explosive nature refuses to hold back here, with their infectious energy making a strong hold on the listener.

The band rolls with a strong fury into “Got Me Good,” a catchy offering that shows off some of the EP’s more captivating guitar riffs. Here is where Velvet Two Stripes can really tear the roof down, with “Got Me Good” showing off a surprisingly lethal amount of radio-friendliness and swagger.

“Your Love” chugs forward with a much more methodic and deliberate pace, with Velvet Two Stripes sounding much more bluesy here. Bassist Franca Mock gives us a delicious groove here as she synergizes beautifully with the Diggelmann sisters, allowing “Your Love” to really melt into a colourful soundscape. The track paces along at a cool and airy speed before spontaneously breaking into a welcome and raucous fast-paced outerlude at the song’s end. “Your Love” is a well nuanced and written song that shows off just how cool and reckless the band can be.

Track 4’s “Devil Dance” continues the band’s vicious bite, with Velvet Two Stripes delivering a cut whose swag leans more on its noise and energy. Got Me Good ends with “Plastic,” a cool conclusion to a track that is rife with style and movement. Even in the EP’s short length, “Plastic” feels like some sort of cinematic ride into the sunset, but rather than a definite ending, we are treated to the promise of more to come.

Got Me Good is a valiant and stylish effort by Velvet Two Stripes, but we need more. The energy and style that they infuse into each track on this EP is absolutely irresistible, with the Scandinavian band forcing us to submit and beg for more. The production quality here also stands with its colleagues, with the band managing to bring out the garagey, raw, yet colourful energy of the sound. Velvet Two Stripes is a dominating trio that commands your attention.

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