Forget the Whale Rocks Out with New Album

After the release of What I Tell Myself, four piece Jersey City band Forget the Whale follows it up with their second release: What I Tell Myself Vol. 2. Even though it’s only five tracks long, there’s a lot of things that Forget the Whale successfully does to get listeners hooked on and rocking.

What I Tell Myself Vol. 2 begins with an upbeat track in “Hex,” filled with attitude over a bluesy scale. Dominated by powerful vocals, melodious guitars, and rhythmic drums, listeners will immediately warm up with the energy of the leadoff track. Forget the Whale keeps the momentum going with the pacey second track, “Another Sleeve Up My Trick.” Listeners will find themselves trying to hold on to the racing energy while at the same time letting loose and dancing with the band.

Forget the Whale slows things down and dims the lights with a laid-back track in “The Little Robot.” The music box instrument adds a cool and calming vibe to the song, and the chorus’ driving energy will keep audiences pumping. Additionally, the melodious synth and guitar solo adds more excitement to the song, increasing “The Little Robot’s” “repeatability” value.

The fourth track, “Sails,” is the longest track on the album, clocking out at above six and a half minutes. After a stormy sound effect for the intro, Forget the Whale breaks out into a slow, tender side. At first, it’s just mainly piano and vocals with the occasional crescendo of the cymbals as well as eerie guitar noises. “Sails” picks up with more guitars and a drum beat. Listeners should surely appreciate the continued delivery of powerful vocals and involving instrumentals even for a slow song. The guitar solos don’t feature distortion this time around, but are still able to add to the smooth texture of the song.

It would only be appropriate for Forget the Whale to end What I Tell Myself Vol. 2 the way it started, so that’s what they do with “Carry Your Own Weight.” It’s a simultaneously up-beat and laid-back track, and the inclusion of the harmonica adds a nice home-like feeling.

Overall, Forget the Whale has a very good album in What I Tell Myself Vol. 2. The sound would have benefitted more from a tighter mixing and production, but there’s enough variety between the tracks to keep audiences hooked on with every surprising turn. The album is overall fun to listen to, which will keep them rocking out with Alishia Taiping, Dan Pieraccini, Anthony Zienowicz, and Pete Durning all night long.





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