Mr. Mitch Mesmerizes with Devout

London electronic artist Mr. Mitch follows up his 2014 album Parallel Memories with Devout, released April 21st, 2017. The twelve-track album has an overall dark sound with mind-controlling soundscapes that will keep listeners in a trance.

Devout begins with a short but smooth introduction track featuring Milo and Oscar. The simple and minimalistic instrumental while the lead vocalist repeatedly chants, “Do you remember where we made our love?” sets the mood for what the rest of the album delivers. The album makes a sharp transition into the second track, “Priority” featuring P Money. The rap vocals are tight with great delivery, and its aggressiveness provides balance to the soft and haunting instrumental track. “Lost Touch,” featuring Duval Timothy, is a pure instrumental track that drives harder than the previous track. The accented parts throughout the song delivers urgency, while the vocal effects provide an eerie touch to the song’s vibe.

While “Fate” featuring Denai Moore delivers a strong vocal performance, the instrumental sounds too uneventful along with a lack of an apparent hook. “Fate” may struggle to capture the attention of more listeners. “If I Wanted” is another pure instrumental track which uses lingering synths to create a cool atmosphere over a serene soundscape. “VPN” featuring Palmistry has a more involving sound, including a solid beat and soft, heartfelt vocals that match the mood of the song. “My Life” chills things back down with a mesmerizing sound scape and repeating vocals that will keep listeners in a dreamy trance.

“Pleasure,” featuring Py, gives a soft, loving edge to the album. It’s a short track, but there’s a lot that goes on in this track. From the alluring vocal performance from both the lead and back, to the screeching vocal effects, complemented by the low pluck synths and the occasional drum thumps, will keep listeners occupied with an all-around pleasurable listening experience.

Photo by Piotr Niepsuj

Keeping the mood chilled and low-key, “Honor Oak” is driven by a slightly-wobbly synth leads for a complete melancholic sound. Meanwhile, “Our Love” continues where the intro left off, bringing back the vocals heard in the first track and adding an upbeat sound with it. “Black Tide” is dominated by haunting synth leads without the backing instrumental getting too much in the way. The album ends with “Oscar,” a quiet track with a hard edge from the bass and the snare drum. The vocalist delivers an appropriate performance to match the mood of the song, and the lyrics are simple and easy enough to understand.

Overall, Mr. Mitch has a well produced album with Devout. Although the music in the album will check off the expectations of most electronic fans who love the minimalistic and relaxing sound, it’s also a fairly limiting release and will unlikely attract other fans looking for something more exciting. Nevertheless, Mr. Mitch has his style set in stone, and Devout will go down as another strong release for the London artist.






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