Mountains vs. Machines Emerges with a Fiery EP

Los Angeles rock band Mountains vs. Machines marks their debut with Emerge, a four-track EP that looks to excite listeners with their fiery sound.

The EP opens up with “Reigniting,” a high-energy leadoff track with revving guitars and emotional vocals. The “wa-ohh’s” at the beginning and throughout the song is an easy grab for listeners to chant along with, and the rush of aggression in the chorus will feed off onto the listeners. “Chosen Ones,” the second track, keeps the energy levels high. Its orchestral strings and trap-like beats adds a cinematic feel to the song’s atmosphere but the chorus doesn’t sound as active and fueling as the chorus for the previous track.

“Not Afriaid” keeps the momentum going. The pacey guitars and melodious vocals will keep listeners engaged with the sound and the band. Emerge ends with “Light the Sky,” which brings the similar cinematic sound heard from the second track, “Chosen Ones.”

Overall, Mountains vs. Machines has a likeable album in Emerge that will appeal mainly to alternative rock listeners. While MVM seems to have a main style set in stone, the lack of variety between the tracks are disappointing and I would like to hear more of what they can do under one album. Emerge might not do enough to get first time listeners of the band on board, but the solid production of the album sets a good impression on the band. Future releases from them will surely be worth checking out.

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