Blind Revision Delivers Anthemic EP

Blind Revision sounds absolutely raw and explosive in Of White And Grey, a fantastically composed EP that summons echoes of progressive, alternative, and post-hardcore rock. The five-piece Rhode Island product is stunning in their ravishing darkness, unleashing a tight and cohesive cinematic package. Its cheeky song titles also help to add more unity to the record, conceptualizing the human brain into music. Bringing together the intensity of past acts such as Coheed and Cambria, Evanescence, and Paramore into a complete and melodic package, Of White And Grey sound spectacular as they play blissfully throughout the record.

Right from the beginning, Blind Revision is a breathtaking storm, delivering a lyrical flurry supplemented by the instrumental’s thunderous prowess. “Parietal: Pressure” is an artwork of an opening, with the band kicking off the EP in dramatic fashion. The song begins theatrically, beckoning the listener close with a mesmerizing array of raucous guitar and bass work with piano laden nuances. After a roaring cascade of sound, we are finally met with the vocals of Jen Janet, whose charismatic prowess charges the record courageously forward.

“Temporal: Memory” has the energy of My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, with the band delivering a more upbeat and aggressive-paced number whose energy is compounded by the faster drum sequences and poppy guitar hooks. The band puts on a stellar performance, with Janet’s lyrics flowing wonderfully over the reverberating guitar work.

Track 3’s “Frontal: Seeker” has an angrier energy, with the band channeling a more pugnacious spirit into their music. Here, we see Blind Revision putting up their dukes and showing off a more desperate, fighting energy, which makes the band even more endearing than they already are.

In “Occipital: Covenant” we see the band unlesahing a more post-hardcore side, with the track dishing out a stylish tempo change that turns into a wonderful wall of noise. Blind Revision amps up the intensity and energy here dramatically, with “Occipital: Covenant” sounding much more unrestrained and liberal than the rest of the album.

“Ashes” closes the record in a fiery and apocalyptic ending, the band unlesahing a beautifully theatric performance. Blind Revision sounds absolutely relentless and sinister here as they sing about themes of death and the end of the world, bringing forth a song that audiences will gladly burn to. Of White And Grey ends on a bombastic and memorable note, with Blind Revision closing out a solid rock record.

Of White And Grey is a fantastic rock record held back only by a somewhat safe production. There aren’t really moments in the record’s polish that really make Blind Revision pop, rendering the record to sound more garagey than we would like. A closer attention to the embellishments and overall production of the record can really go a long way in helping Blind Revision to soar.

Nevertheless, Of White And Grey is a fantastic EP that shows off the charm and intensity of Blind Revision.

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