The Score is Lively with Myths and Legends

Los Angeles, California rock duo The Score were able to set a pretty good impression with their single “Revolution,” which led up to the recent release of their new EP, Myths and Legends.

Their single “Revolution” had an energetic and anthemic sound with the suitable vocal melody to get listeners singing along and feeling the beat to work even harder. They carry it over with the songs in Myths and Legends as well. Hardcore indie and blues rock fans will feel at home with the guitar riff that opens up the first track, “Legend.” I especially like how the guitar initially sounds like it’s being heard from a distant stage before fading right in, bringing listeners right into the music. The “na na na’s” will also do enough to have listeners singing along and feeling like legends.

“Miracle” offers the similar kind of sound but is a littler darker than what the other songs in the album offer. It also allows audiences the opportunity to sing along especially at the chorus with the catchy line, “I need a mira- miracle.”

“Revolution” kicks things back up with a more uplifting vibe, and Myths and Legends ends with “Higher,” a straight-up anthem-driving song with energetic vocals and instrumentals. The song, like all the others in the album, offers endless opportunity for listeners to clap and sing along with The Score’s message behind “Higher” and it’s a good way to close the album.

Overall, Myths and Legends is a respectable album and does a pretty good job getting listeners involved with The Score’s anthemic style. However, the variety is pretty limited and there isn’t a lot to say about The Score’s versatility. With that aside, indie rock fans should surely appreciate what The Score has to offer with their new EP.

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