DOOXS Icy and Cool in Under My Tongue

Rotterdam duo DOOXS delivers a ravishingly gloomy EP in Under My Tongue, a four-track brooder that brings together the icy cool of electronic, pop, and hip-hop. The EP is full of fantastic moments of reflective ambiance. Listeners may find the wintery temperature of the record to feel a little monotonous and stagnant, as coldness is the EP’s climate. However, the duo’s fantastic performance of airy vocals shines brightly all throughout.

“Nude” kicks off the record in a very blustery affair. DOOXS sounds angsty as they croon over a spacey beat. The production in the synths does not quite do justice the crisp performance of Djoeke, although it does an apt of job of establishing the EP’s down beat nature.

Track two’s “Dirt” has a more dancey feel, although it still maintains the cold disposition that pervades Under My Tongue. ANIK’s bass-laden production swells nicer here, with her beat synergizing beautifully with the vocals. The 80’s synths that haunt the track give the track a more ominous, airy feel.

The EP’s ominous and dark energy reaches a fevered pitch in “Wander.” Sinister and loose, “Wander” has a more disjointed feel to it that adds a quiet aggression which complements the entirety of the record. DOOXS does wonderful in harnessing the darker potential of hip-hop inspired beats, adding a more emotional and desperate flair that was missing from the already brooding record. A tighter production could help allow this intriguing cut to truly shine.

Photo by Célie Lucienne

“Melt” concludes the album, a luscious track that stands as the most accessible and conventional cut on the record. DOOXS delivers a sensational conclusion to Under My Tongue, with “Melt” delivering pop sensible sounds without sacrificing too much of the record’s cold demeanour. Here is where the duo synergizes the best, creating a smooth concoction that pleasantly rounds out the EP.

Under My Tongue brings together a nice mix of chilly musical ingredients to deliver DOOXS elegantly aloof persona. While the record has an unfortunately monotonous feel to it that detracts from potential enjoyment, Under My Tongue brings together best of gloomy pop and electronic music. Under My Tongue is a cool record that will intrigue audiences.

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