Jakwob Starts Fire in Bring The Heat

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Jakwob’s 4-track smasher Bring The Heat is a party in itself, the London artist unleashing a tri-elemental flurry. The EP is an absolute sonic delight, with the skillful Jakwob managing to swirl together cool and experimental upbeat sounds with a rave-friendly flair.

The EP begins with the eponymously titled “Bring The Heat,” a 4-minute extraordinaire that aptly combines a hard hitting beat with some of the record’s most melodic and catchy synth lines. Jakwob establishes really quickly the sinister and fiery tone of the EP.

“Momentum” continues the energy with a raucous and in-your-face stomper. Jakwob turns the party up a notch, with the EP spiraling into an ambient and infernal soundscape.

“Sliders” turns up the sinister heat, with the longest track on the record delivering one of the coolest and most experimental of the 4 tracks. Jakwob holds nothing back as he continues his tirade with the hi-hat filled stomper. His melange of synths and drum beats is flawless here, with “Sliders” taking the listener on a musical journey through a nuanced and strange soundscape.

The record ends with “Shrink It,” an upbeat conclusion that brings out the most of Bring The Heat‘s 80’s inspired vibe. “Shrink It” is a thrilling conclusion to the bombastic record, with Jakwob finishing the EP on an upbeat and sinister note.

Bring The Heat boasts a ravishing production that music listeners and party-goers alike will appreciate very much. Jakwob’s hot mix of hard hitting drum beats and quirky synths makes for an EP that is stylish and fun.

There’s a little bit of monotony that unfortunately hinders the EP. Bring The Heat‘s largely brash and in-your-face nature can be a little tiring to some listeners, even if they are making their way through this EP with the intention of partying. As a result, the EP may feel like a slog to get through, despite its bold and exciting nature.

Nevertheless, Bring The Heat is a fantastic EP that shows off Jakwob’s breadth of skill and talent. The London artist wastes no time in putting together a fiery product, and Bring The Heat absolutely burns in its relentlessness.

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