Orange O’Clock’s Got It On for their New Single

Three-piece rock band Orange O’Clock from Sherbrooke, Quebec brings the attitude with their new single, “Get It On.” The fiery love song creates all the right impressions for both the band and their upcoming album, Flying Freak Flags.

The CBC 2015 Searchlight Contest winners begin the single with a revving and hypnotizing guitar and drum intro. After four accented strums, the first verse begins with the lead vocalist leading the way. The effective intro and seamless transitions should draw fans right in, catching them dancing along with Orange O’Clock’s sound that is reminiscent of The Black Keys but still maintaining their own unique style.

I like the verses because they don’t try to do anything way over the top. It’s subtle enough to bring the lust while the lead vocalist chants how desperate he wants your love. The vocal melody is a little different for the second verse where he sings with more energy and power compared to the first, but I feel like more could have been done on the instrumental side as well to keep the energy going along.

The chorus is performed really well. It transitions perfectly from the verses connected by the four accented beats. It’s not as busy instrumentally but they do just enough to support the vocalists, as both the lyrics and melody are catchy. The backing vocals specifically deliver an optimal performance supporting the lead vocalist, which helps bring out the emotion and meaning within the lyrics. The instrumental break and bridge/outro also deserves a mention. The instrumental splits between a quiet and loud delivery to keep listeners on their toes, and the part after that where the vocalists return to close out the song do a good job bringing the song up to the climax with all the remaining energy they have before the song ends with a quick shut.

Overall, Mickael Fortin, Anthony Simoneau, and Raphael Fortin has a good single with “Get It On,” and it sounds like they already have a solid idea on their sound and style. It’s not an overwhelmingly standout single, but it offers just enough for audiences to get excited over what Orange O’Clock has to offer with Flying Freak Flags, releasing in the Fall of 2017.

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