SonReal Sings Proudly in New Single “So Far”

SonReal’s “So Far” is an anthemic hip-hop track about growth and change. Touching on themes of reinventing oneself after crises, SonReal does good in romanticizing his “new me,” with his verses and lyrics striking his listeners deep in the heart.

The charismatic artist sounds crisp in this poppy hip-hop cut, with SonReal rapping fiery over a tight and well-produced beat. SonReal does a fantastic job mixing colour and swag into his performance, with his lyrics stylishly weaving throughout each verse and into the song’s catchy chorus.

The chorus is anthemic and is sure to hook deeply into its listeners, with SonReal dishing out a simple and easy to latch onto refrain. It’s the cherry on top of a song that has some crisp production. “So Far” is a radio-friendly pop track that lends itself to tight composition and a fiery performance.

“So Far” does regrettably feel a bit safe, even by SonReal’s standards. The song carries a very familiar and conventional vibe that was once endearing to SonReal’s music.

Although we still appreciate that sort of aesthetic here, “So Far” doesn’t do justice in showing just how much SonReal has grown as an artist.

Still, the energetic rapper does a fantastic job showing off his eternal fountain of youth, spewing out a catchy and melodic track that audiences will surely latch onto. With crisp rap verses and a sweet and catchy chorus, SonReal does well in dishing out yet another anthemic pop track. While we do wish SonReal showed off more risk in gave us something that was more out of left field, “So Far” is still a solid track that will command attention.

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