The Score Starts the Revolution in latest release

Los Angeles-based rock duo The Score uses all the conventional elements in the book to craft their four minute single, “Revolution.” The single is a part of their recently released EP, Myths & Legends.

The song starts off simply with the fade in of quarter-note guitar strums, followed by the vocalists singing the chorus at the top of their lungs accompanied by hand claps. It’s a pretty good strategy for The Score to get the song’s message across right away, and it sounds like they’re pretty darn serious that a revolution is coming. Staying true to the name of the song, “There’s a revolution coming!” is regularly proclaimed all throughout the song, making the message stick with the listeners.

The choruses are well written and executed. The lyrics and accompanying melody are easy enough for audiences to follow along and sing along with. The verses also do a decent job in carrying the song along with the powerful vocal deliveries and the minimalistic instrumentals. The one thing that I like the most is the militaristic drumming that fuels the song with fear and adrenaline.

The only major downside with this song is that it doesn’t do much to stand out of all the other rock songs with the same style. Although it is a well-composed song, there isn’t any moment out of the song that screams The Score. “Revolution” will only keep The Score’s name out there, but it won’t distinguish them from the rest.

Overall, Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover has a respectable single with “Revolution.” Using elements of rock and blues, the four minute single should do just the job to give the extra push listeners require when times are at their toughest.

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