Onlap with Raucous Energy in Running

Rocking loudly from Paris, energetic five-piece band Onlap charges furiously out of the gates with Running, a heavy and hard-hitting EP that channels a modern day spin on 90’s and 2000’s alternative rock. Reminiscent of past and present acts such as Papa Roach, Seether, and Three Days Grace, the Parisian rockers sound epic in their five track bombastic romp. Running is a heavy and melodic record that will appease rock fans.

The record begins with the blistering “Tribute (Now or Never),” an anthemic war call that will pump adrenaline into its audiences. “This means war” is a hooky and epic arena chant that will surely captivate Onlap’s listeners, making this opening track an apt intro the the fiery EP.

The eponymously titled “Running” comes up on track two, a surprisingly theatric track that features a more emotional and melodic side to the band. “Running” has a beautiful chorus that features some fantastically haunting vocals, complementing the song’s energy and wailing guitars quite nicely. Onlap shows off a fantastic synergy here early on in the record.

“Everywhere I Go” has a conventional and radio-friendly vibe to it that makes this an easily accessible song for all music fans. Here, Onlap has an upbeat swagger that permeates throughout verse and chorus.

Onlap continues its anthemic tirade in “Out Of Control,” the band’s energy showing no signs of slowing down. The musical interlude near the end of the song is a nice touch, adding a nice nuance to the record that makes it all the more stunning to run through.

The record ends with “Forever,” an introspective and raucous conclusion to the EP. Onlap does well in closing off the record with a vicious hurrah, delivering one last melodic and catchy chorus before spilling into the end of the record.

For a short 5-track EP, Running does a fantastic job showing off the band’s ferocious energy. We wish there was a little more variety in the way of slower-paced tracks that would make the record a little less monotonous.

However, the record’s energy is magnificent and contagious, with a musical sensibility that will surely inspire music fans. Running by Onlap is a solid EP that puts on display sounds of alternate rock’s yesteryear.

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