Omniboi Welcomes You to the House of Omni

Heavily influenced by video game chiptune music and later experimenting with other genres, Los Angeles-based artist Omni Rutledge, also known as Omniboi, has a solid release with his five track EP, House of Omni: Chapter 1.

The album begins with “Daiso” featuring Airynore, a short but fast-paced track with sweet melodies under a refreshing atmosphere. The song’s ability to get quiet for tender moments and build right back up adds all the excitement for listeners to feel good about. “Embrace” featuring Celadon City brings just about the same kind of energy while exposing a softer side. The genuine vocals over a dancehall-esque beat makes “Embrace” a fun track to listen to, and adds further to what the likeable Omniboi already has to offer.

The third track, “Starlight,” which features TOFUKU, has an infectiously catchy sound, driven by the pacey tempo as fast as a shooting star and the vocals which are spoken rather than sung. The fourth track, “Waiting” which features TRIBES, delivers a soulful sound that starts slow and picks up with a catchy four-to-the-floor beat. I’m particularly impressed with the vocal performance and how it gives the song so much emotion. The album ends with “Whisper” featuring Mars Kasei. It pushes for a midnight dreamy sound, empowered by the vocals and how it surrounds from the left and right sides. The mixing could be a little tighter here, as the different vocal stems don’t exactly work together here and the instrumental stem doesn’t have much of a presence compared to the vocals.

Overall, Omni Rutledge easily impresses with both the amount of variety he has shown and the sweetness of his sound and style with House of Omni: Chapter 1. The tour is short, but you can always get the album and have it on repeat so you can tour the House of Omni again, and again… and again.

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