G-Eazy, Carnage Sound Dope in Hard-Hitting EP

Ukrainian producer and rapper G-Eazy joins forces with Guatemala’s Carnage in Step Brothers, a swaggering 4-track EP that aptly combines crisp trap beats with fiery rap vocals. Despite its relatively short length and conventional feel, Step Brothers is filled to the brim with style and confidence.

“Guala” opens the EP with a catch EP and massive rap performances with guest Thirty Rack. “Guala” is a stylish track that packs a lethal punch, spitting a hot hook as the song blazes over a hot and tightly produced beat. The EP opening also clocks in at 5 minutes, which some may find a little too long, but its insatiable energy and flow make its lengthiness hard to notice.

G-Eazy and Carnage go full on with their swagger in “Gimme Gimme,” another hard hitting track with a blistering hook. Despite being the shortest track on the EP, “Gimme Gimme” throws a surprisingly potent blow. Both gentlemen once again combine to create a tight and well-produced beat, with the song delivering one of the EP’s more gutsy performances.

The flow and style of the EP continues nicely as “Buddha” rolls in on track 3. Featuring guest Smokepurpp, the duo dishes out a more sinister sounding track as the EP leans more heavily here on pulsing beats and dark synths. This track feels relatively safer compared to the first two, and at this point we wish that Step Brothers offered us something new.

Step Brothers ends with “Down For Me,” the poppiest and admittedly most underwhelming song on the album. Featuring 24hrs, “Down For Me” comes off as a soft melange between a chill club stomper and an upbeat serenade, and the result is embarrassingly generic. For all the swagger that the record attempts to exude, it’s a little disappointing that Step Brothers ends on a safe and conventional note.

G-Eazy and Carnage’s collaboration Step Brothers is a fun EP, but overall the record feels much too safe. “Guala” is a great standout track on the EP, however, Step Brothers doesn’t do nearly enough to establish itself. Although “Gimme Gimme” and “Buddha” do come in with their own exciting energy, it feels like a traveled road after the blazing fire that was “Guala.”

Despite the scintillating chemistry between both musicians, the EP just never seems to realize its full potential. Step Brothers is an exciting record that isn’t afraid to show off its swagger, but that’s about it.

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