Angee Wings Sunny In Self-Titled EP

Angee Wings is a warm delight with a fluffy retro-pop appeal. The French Canadian singer is a sunny treat whose voice and style is irresistible. In 5 quick tracks, Angee Wings delivers a charming and insatiable EP.

The EP begins with a sugary a capella number, with Angee Wings singing and thanking the listener for dropping by. Her vocals shows off a fantastic range, with Angee Wings being the central focus as she swiftly croons.

“Première fois” is an upbeat and summery cut that sounds like a west coast drive. Angee Wings sounds lovely here, her honey sweet vocals trickling throughout and delivering a catchy chorus. The radio-accessibility of this song is massive, and fans are going to fall in love with how melodic and feel good this entire track is. For its conventional feel and unique appeal, “Première fois” is a sugar rush.

“À ma place” is a lovely candlelit cut that is more like an interlude here on the EP. However, its warm and sultry energy is pleasant and fulfilling. It’s a colossal shame that Angee Wings didn’t write this with full on single potential, as 1:32 minutes of this track’s elegant energy is just not enough. As a result, we’re left hanging and satiated.

“Une autre journée” has a sweet feel, again marred by its short length. However, it thrives thanks to its feel good energy, with Angee Wings singing delightfully over another easy listening driving tune. “Une autre journée” has the appeal of a charming little track, however, we feel like it’s a missed opportunity that the song’s lovely composition doesn’t really get a chance to shine.

The song ends with a “full” version of the intro. “Merci” is a charming conclusion to a wonderful EP, with Angee Wings singing lovingly over a twinkling piano arrangement. Again, we’re a little disappointed that the song ends a little abruptly, with Angee Wings again not capitalizing on the energy and elegance of the song’s composition. However, we very much enjoyed just how upbeat and colourful the EP was.

Angee Wings, the self-titled EP by the French Canadian singer, is a flambouyant and sweet affair. We’re a little bummed out that most of the tracks end much too abruptly, with “Première fois” sounding like the only truly complete song. Angee Wings, of course, may have been looking to emulate the short-and-sweet nature of most pop music from yesteryear. However, it’s a gimmicky niche she is appealing to, and while it works in this context, it unfortunately disallows her music to shine as much as we would like it to in this modern age. Still, we very much enjoyed Angee Wings, and we are sure it will bring delight to your rainy afternoons.

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