Ghostly Kisses Channels Ice and Steel in EP

Quebec’s Ghostly Kisses sounds graceful in What You See, a gloomy ambient EP that combines sultry vocals over a shoegazing electro-pop energy.  The 6-track EP elegantly toes the line between pop music with a chill vibe and a spacey soundtrack, creating a stylish and cold record that audiences will drift away to.

“Gardens” opens the EP with an icy flair, with singer Margaux Sauvé gently pulling in the listener with her soft crooning as she sings over a steely instrumental. Here, Ghostly Kisses opts for a more dreamy and ambient opening, accurately capturing the overall tone of the album as it begins its affair.

Ghostly Kisses moves quickly into “Such Words,” a beautifully put together track that shows off Margaux Sauvé’s violinist skills. The masterful synergy between the elegant violin strings and the album’s gloomy electro sounds like a gloomy take on Lindsey Stirling’s meteoric discography. Here, Ghostly Kisses brings on the most radio-friendly cut on the record, and one that serves as a great entry point into What You See for all listeners.

“Empty Note” has a slightly more hip-hop flair that gives Ghostly Kisses a chance to show off her sombre swagger. The chorus still brings on the record’s chilly energy, however, Ghostly Kisses feels a little more loose here, with audiences head bobbing long to the track’s cold ambiance.

Track 4’s “Baby Tomorrow” is a melodic and melancholic cut that may very well be Margaux Sauvé’s best vocal performance on the record. Her voice sounds absolutely haunting as she croons over the track’s chorus, supplemented by the jazzy sounds of an elegant piano. The harmonizing nuances help create a more wholesome product, and while we do think the song ends a little too abruptly, it is an absolutely breathtaking composition.

The eponymously named “What You See” drops on track 5, albeit a little uncermoniously. This one feels more like an interlude rather than a track, as it ends too abruptly. However, we can definitely appreciate the track for continuing the record’s gloomy elegance.

The record ends with “Roses,” a spacey outerlude that encapsulates the feelings and sounds of the entire record into one beautiful conclusion. Here, the instrumental culminates beautifully with Ghostly Kisses’ vocals as What You See closes on a melodic and ambient note.

We do wish there was a little more substance to the record, as beyond being chill and dark, What You See doesn’t seem to fully capture the artistry that Ghostly Kisses seems to have. However, What You See is still a stunning record that wonderfully swirls together ambient sounds with melodic and haunting vocals. What You See is a beautiful record, and Ghostly Kisses sounds breathtaking.

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